Depression if often "hereditary" . here the quoted word is --

A. Adverb

B. Noun

C. Adjective

D. Verb

Correct Answer: C

Who among the following writers is not a Nobel Laureate?

A. T.S. Elliot

B. Grahame Greene

C. Toni Morrison

D. William Faulkner

Correct Answer: B

The play "Arms and the Man" is by -

A. James Joyce

B. Arthur Miller

C. Samuel Beckett

D. George Bernerd Shaw

Correct Answer: D

Othello is a Shakespeare's play about -

A. A Moor

B. A Roman

C. A Turk

D. A Jew

Correct Answer: A

The poem "Isle of Innisfree" is written by -

A. Dylan Thomas

B. W.H. Auden

C. Ezra Pound

D. W.B. Yeats

Correct Answer: D

"Riders to the sea" is -

A. an epic poem

B. a novella

C. a one-act play

D. a theatrical adaptation of a poem

Correct Answer: C

Which of the following writers belong to the Elizabethan period?

A. Christopher Marlowe

B. John Dryden

C. Alexander Pope

D. Samuel Beckett

Correct Answer: A

"To be, or not to be that is the question" - is a famous dialogue from -

A. Othello

B. Hamlet

C. Romeo and Juliet

D. Macbeth

Correct Answer: B

Find the odd-man-out --

A. George Eliot

B. Joseph Conrad

C. Thomas Hardy

D. James Joyce

Correct Answer: A

The noise level in Dhaka city has increased "exponentially". Here the quoted word means --

A. amazingly

B. steadily

C. shockingly

D. rapidly

Correct Answer: D