Societies living in the "periphery" are always ignored. Here the quoted word means --

A. offshore areas

B. remote places

C. marginal areas

D. backward regions

Correct Answer: C

What would be the best antonym of "hibernate"?

A. dormancy

B. sluggishness

C. liveliness

D. democracy

Correct Answer: C

Let us begin by looking at 'the minutes of the meeting'. Here the quoted word means---

A. time record

B. written record

C. frame

D. written analysis

Correct Answer: B

relationship similar to "Harm:Damage" ?

A. Sweet:Sour

B. Stout:Week

C. Injure:Incapacitate

D. Hook:Crook

Correct Answer: C

Cricket enjoys a huge ..... in Bangladesh.

A. follow on

B. follow

C. fall out

D. following

Correct Answer: D

The film was directed in the director's usual .... style.

A. confusion

B. personifying

C. idosyncratic

D. purifying

Correct Answer: C

This could have worked if I ..... been more far-sighted.

A. have

B. had

C. might

D. would

Correct Answer: B

In the 18th Century, the Mughal Empire begun to ......

A. discriminate

B. differentiate

C. disintegrate

D. dislocate

Correct Answer: C

Being fat does not necessarily kill you, but it ---- the risk that you will suffer from nasty diseases.

A. increases

B. encourages

C. emphasises

D. involves

Correct Answer: C

----- song haunted me for a long time.

A. These

B. Thus

C. That

D. Those

Correct Answer: C