We waited until the plane----

A. did not take off

B. took off

C. had not taken off

D. had taken off

Correct Answer: B

A girl introduced a boy as the son of the daughter of the father of her uncle. The boy is girl's

A. nephew

B. son-in-law

C. brother

D. son

Correct Answer: B

What is ‘Linguistics’?

A. the study of literature

B. the study of history

C. the scientific study of language

D. none of the above

Correct Answer: C

প্রদত্ত শব্দগুলি alphabetical order-এ বিন্যস্ত করলে কোনটি প্রথমে আসবে?

A. warp

B. waste

C. warm

D. wasp

Correct Answer: B

He said that he ……………… go as soon as it was possible.

A. will

B. would

C. can

D. may

Correct Answer: B

Who, which, what are:

A. Demonstrative pronoun

B. Relative pronoun

C. Reflexive pronoun

D. Indefinite pronoun

Correct Answer: B

Let us write a letter.(passive)

A. Let a letter to write by us.

B. Let a letter be wrote by us.

C. Let a letter be written by us.

D. Let a letter written by us.

Correct Answer: C

It seemed that-----

A. the day will never end

B. the day would never end

C. the day never ends

D. the day never ended

Correct Answer: B

The man --- in the accident was taken to hospital ?

A. injured

B. has injured

C. being injured

D. who injured

Correct Answer: A

Which one is a Metaphor?

A. He is as good as his father

B. He is the sort of the family

C. The boy takes after his father

D. She sing like a cuckoo

Correct Answer: B